Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen

Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen

Company: Acousia Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Development Officer & Managing Director


Panel Discussion & Live Audience Q&A: Is 2025 the Year of Curing Deafness? Reviewing Past Failures, Recent Successes & Future Opportunities for Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics 8:00 am

Discussing the back-to-back positive results for gene therapies, large investments from key pharma into the inner ear disorders field, and uncovering the opportunities for 2024 and 2025 Leveraging lessons from past failures and understanding their downfalls Understanding the current challenges with novel targets, preclinical models replicating the inner ear structures, less invasive delivery mechanisms and…Read more

day: Conference Day 1

Developing Preventative Therapeutics for Cancer Patients at Risk of Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Caused by Ototoxic Chemotherapy 2:30 pm

Mitigating ototoxicity in chemotherapy with novel pharmacotherapeutic modalities as pivotal interventions for preserving auditory health Discussing strategic administration of preventative agents prior to chemotherapy to optimize target engagement and efficacy Uncovering clinical challenges for preventative drug formulations to ensure treatment adherence and effectiveness for a patient-centric approach Localized and precise drug delivery to minimize systemic…Read more

day: Conference Day 1

Roundtable Discussion 11:30 am

Discovery Table: Understanding target biology and patient population characteristics, such as genotype-phenotype relations, prevalence and target amenability, for genetic vs acquired hearing disorders Preclinical Table: Developing novel in vitro and in vivo preclinical models beyond mice and replicating the underlying biology of the human inner ear structures Clinical Table: Discussing strategies to optimize clinical trial…Read more

day: Conference Day 2

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