About the 4th Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit 2024

With the back-to-back positive results in gene therapies for paediatric rare hearing disorders from Akouos Therapeutics, Decibel Therapeutics, Sensorion, and Refreshgene Therapeutics, Eli Lilly and Regeneron making huge investments to build their hearing loss therapeutics programs, and novel small molecules and cell therapies making progress, 2024 is set to be a pivotal year for the inner ear disorders drug development. This year’s meeting is your opportunity to speak with experts from each of the key players

Designed alongside experts from Cochlear, MED-EL, Rapport Therapeutics, Gateway Biotechnology and Ting Therapeutics, this agenda tackles the key preclinical challenges when identifying and validating new drug targets, preclinical models and toxicology profiles and precise, non-invasive delivery into the inner ear.

What's New for 2024?

Hear from your brand-new speaker faculty consisting of 18+ hearing loss experts from the likes of Acousia Therapeutics, Sensorion, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Lineage Cell Therapeutics and Refreshgene Therapeutics

Learn about novel in vitro and in vivo preclinical models replicating the cochlear hair cells, auditory neurons and stereocilia in the inner ear, for acquired and genetic hearing disorders for accelerated translation into the clinic and better drugs for paediatric and adult patient populations

Explore novel delivery devices and device/drug combination platforms for small molecules, cell therapies and steroids as minimally invasive and more precise alternatives to surgery and injections into the middle ear

Hear Why Your Expert Speakers Are Looking Forward to Joining the 2024 Meeting:

''Participation in this meeting will enhance the communication of science and drug development in inner ear therapy. Learn about the newest progress, needs, and challenges of inner ear drug development.''

Kaiyu Gao, Senior Manager, Early Discovery, Refreshgene Therapeutics

''The Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit is crucial for staying updated and connected in our field. The focused sessions and thorough discussions help us at Spiral Therapeutics align our strategies with global advancements in treating hearing disorders. It's an excellent place for real insights and meaningful collaboration.''

Hugo Peris, Chief Executive Officer, Spiral Therapeutics

''I look forward to participating in the Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics summit, which provides a unique platform for leaders from academia, biotech and industry to discuss translational science and medicines for hearing disorders. Both the symposia and poster sessions are highly interactive and provide excellent forums for engaging and networking with authoritative leaders.''

David Bredt, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Rapport Therapeutics